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Slide Forte Docked & Hybrid
Sharing e-Bike
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Your multimodal companion

to move the city

The flexible sharing e-bike suitable for docking station schemes enabling also to park it where you need to.
Light-weighted, sustainable, easy to use and to maintain it is the perfect vehicle for public transport operators to extend their multimodal offer.

This is Forte sharing ebike.


Light weight, 26” x 1.75” anti-puncture wheels & adjustable anti-slip seat for a comfortable riding posture


Frame made of recycled aluminium, reparable components and green production process

Connectivity & Protection

Integrated IoT module for diagnostics & GPS tracking for anti-theft protection, empowered by the front wheel ring lock electronically controlled

Optimized Operations

Reduced maintenance time thanks to the 250W front motor & two bushings able to lock and recharge the battery when the e-bike is parked

Hub Gear & Belt Transmission

Fast and easy maintenance enabling users to change gears while stationary

Docked, free-floating or hybrid solution.
Engineered for your growth

Choose the sharing solution best suited to the growth of your business and the capillarity of the services offered.
Working actively towards the circular economy VAIMOO e-bike is Environment-friendly combining recycled aluminium frame and sustainable components.

Docking Station Solution for cost-saving maintenance

For an advanced protection against vandalism, easy maintenance and geo-localization of e-bikes.

  • Electromechanical management of the e-bike docking/unhooking.
  • Easy to combine multiple docking modules together.
  • Automatic battery charging when e-bikes are docked.
  • Docking Point provided with a self-heating system against low temperatures.
  • Anti-vandalism setup against thefts and damages.

Free Floating Solution for an increased availability and distribution

For a higher number of vehicles available for end users, more flexibility and a faster service deployment.

Total freedom to park anywhere thanks to the frame lock integration which enables the user to:

  • Drop the e-bike in an area close to the station if the racks are full.
  • Park the e-bike without ending the session.
  • End the session outside the drop zone with an extra fee.
Electromechanical management of the e-bike docking/unhooking.

Customizable according
to your business needs

VAIMOO teams manages internally all manufacturing and development processes, as result go live time is extremely reduced while the customization possibilities are endless.

Advertising Space

Mechanical or Motor Lock

Custom Accessories

Rear Disk or Coaster Brakes

Branded Frame

Speed Sensor

Flexible Financing Solutions

VAIMOO has defined several solutions with the most important financial intermediaries to enable, following specific assessment, the possibility to activate deffered payment solutions for its customers.

E-Bike Specification Sheet

E-Bike For User Riding


Recycled Aluminium with steel fork


Integrated 36V 11,6 Ah or 14 Ah Li-ion, rechargeable via dock

Battery Swap

protected compartment with anti-tamper sensor & fleet unique key

Rear Hub

3-speed transmission hub


Belt drive and electric pedal assist


250w motor on front wheel


Aluminium with rubber grip


Front mechanical disk brake with back-pedal brakes


26” x 1.75” puncture resistant with reflective sidewalls

Front Light

White LED

Rear Light

Red LED with reflector

Seat / Post

Ergonomic saddle quickly adjustable with anti-slip system


Brake-integrated bell


Aluminium basket with decal mounting


Rear full coverage with skirt guard and front fenders


Approximately 35 kg

E-Box For User Connectivity

Electronic-activated locking system
NFC-based app connection
Active GPS tracking

Docking Station Specification Sheet

Rack Configurator

2 slots
4 slots

Electronic Module

CAN communication between Slave Boards
RS485 communication between Slave Boards
FSK communication with parked vehicle
LTE NB1/M1 towards Web Server [optional]
Bluetooth Low Energy [optional]

Attainable Functions

Remote control of Docking Station status in presence of vehicle, in order to detect utilization and failure
SW upgrade via OTA, avoiding technician on-site operation
LTE enables connectivity when vehicle is not present
BLE enables on-site troubleshooting when remote connectivity is down

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Sharing e-Bike

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