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Organize and supervise the maintenance of your fleet

Complete fleet maintenance in one click

The ordinary and extra maintenance operations are planned by remote control referring to the real usage conditions of the vehicle, optimizing management costs and increasing the service quality.

Dashboard overview

The dashboard displays the complete list of vehicles that need maintenance, or repair as well as those that have completed the overhaul. Analyse new user reports and manage the operations service of the whole fleet in real time.

Users' reports

Sort report by users and check the repair status of each vehicle and docking station directly in the maintenance section of the platform. You can change the status of each repair ticket and sort repair tickets for vehicle, repair status, type of problem, or age.

Locate and connect directly with fleet vehicles that need repair

Location on map

Geo-localization of all offline vehicles by their last recorded position and those requiring repair.

Direct connection

Find nearby vehicles and connect with them via NFC. Check the status, configure the parameters and send command to the vehicles.

Manage vehicles’ maintenance

Creation and management of tickets

Create new maintenance tickets, check those currently open, change the repair status once the repair is completed.

Managing vehicle status

Search and monitor all vehicles requiring maintenance and update their maintenance status.


Comments section

Communicate directly with the maintenance staff through the management platform. Operators will be provided with a tool to comment and keep track of problems raised during the vehicle repairs.

Maintenance operator's notes in app

Maintenance technicians will be able to comment directly in app the completed repairs, enabling the backend to be updated on any type of problem encountered during interventions and repairs.

“Vehicle 009 is not transmitting data correctly. Firmware update at the latest version is needed before turn bike availability on”

Jake SmithFleet Data Analyst
Direct communication with the maintainers

Read or add comments about the repairs carried out directly by the management system. You will have a direct communication channel with the maintenance operators.

“Firmware update on Vehicle 009 completed, Vehicle status does not report any errors”

Kara LucasOperation Manager