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Easy Management
of your fleet

Fleet management dashboard

A single solution to track and manage your fleet of vehicles, allowing you to optimize your operations.

Service status

Check the health status of the system that manages your fleet and promptly resolve any problems with the support of the VAIMOO Team.

Docking station status

Regularly control the conditions of your fleet, identify vehicles and racks that need maintenance or repair to ensure an efficient and satisfactory service to your users.

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e-Bike Status

View live information about each vehicle in your fleet, both in docked or free-floating mode. Check the battery status, the repair history, the ongoing operations and user reports. Create new repair tickets and monitor the docking points or docking stations where vehicles are parked.


Docking station status

Check the docking point logs and the station status, collect detailed statistical information on the station traffic and the routes travelled by the docked vehicle. You can optimize the distribution of e-bikes and racks, deciding where and when to redistribute the vehicles into the areas.


Always updated

The advanced diagnostic tool allows the administrator to monitor the functioning of each vehicle of the fleet and docking station in real time.

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Wherever you need it

Manage the distribution of vehicles in the city areas. See on the map where they are located and filter them according to the use of docking points.

View the status of each detailed station sorting by available and unavailable vehicle, in order to distribute them according to the daily needs of your users. Evaluate the operations required and observe which vehicles need recharging.

Assistance for the management system users

Online manuals

To solve any problem, it is possible to download and consult online the complete system guide documentation.

Video tutorials

Through the Academy section and VAIMOO video tutorials, your employees will acquire and will always be updated on the technical and management skills needed to offer an efficient service.


Access to a list of frequently asked questions and answers to clarify recurring doubts about how to use the system, how to operate a procedure, and much more.

Real-time Data

Access a new source of open data, in the GBFS (General Bikeshare Feed Specification) format, which offers the real-time location of your fleet and vehicles available for rental. Data are accessible from APIs and they can also be used by municipalities and MaaS (Mobility-as-a-Service) platforms.