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Suitable for every business model

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Customer-friendly tariff plans

Create and offer pricing plans based on user’s real needs. 

Subscriptions and pay-as-you-go system

Periodic subscription payments such as annual or monthly base, pay-per-minute system, or prepaid rechargeable payments. 

Time rules and special events

Activation and payment of the service during specific days or time ranges, or on the occasion of special events (fairs, sporting events, public holidays, etc.). 

Groups and organizations pricing plans

Subscriptions for large groups, company employees, student memberships or voucher-based memberships.

Pricing based on customizable rules

Application of tariffs based on specific customer actions (return of the vehicle in a docking station, in a virtual docking station, park in unauthorised areas) and in case of system events (promotions, incentives, etc.). 


Manage the accounting in a simple way

Keep track of all purchases, invoices and refund requests in order to integrate with your accounting system.


Automatic invoices issuing with detailed information about payment status, trip details, costs and fees.


Possibility to totally or patially refund specific payment orders

Analyse your sales perfomance

Access and analyse sales data to evaluate the service performance against the goals.

The customizable dashboard provides direct access to sales information, offering the opportunity to investigate and highlight sales issues, make sales forecasts and engage in revenue-generating activities.

Native integration with the main payment gateways