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Solve users' problems

Receive and manage service requests via app in case of malfunctions and difficulties encountered during:

  • Vehicle rental process
  • Account management

Involve users to keep the system running efficiently

Receive and manage user reports through the customer platform in case of:

  • Damage and breakdowns to the vehicle or the docking point.
  • Loss and/or theft of the vehicle.

Measure users’ satisfaction with online surveys

Carry out in-app short-answer questionnaires and online surveys to gather the feedback of the customers and make the right decisions to improve the business.

Easy handling of support requests

The complete management platform enables the efficient process of customer support requests.

Ticket Status

Monitor current status of all repair tickets (started, in progress, completed).

Problem Categorisation

Search repair tickets by vehicle, repair status or issue type.

Ticket History

View a complete list of vehicle and docking station repairs in chronological order.

Reply to Users

Match of a user’s report to a vehicle or docking station, change the state of each repair ticket.

with ticketing platforms

Customize your knowledge base

Vaimoo provides an extensive knowledge base of tutorials, FAQs and guides to support your users and simplify customer care management, it is easily customizable to your specific needs.

Graphics Customization

Choose fonts, logos, icons and graphic elements for a complete customization.

Expand the Contents

Add and categorize information in a simple way to improve the self-service experience.

Choose the language

Supported languages: Italian, English, Danish. Translation into other languages on request.