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Make your customers happy to be with you

Template The GPS navigator guides the user to find the closest bike available Find a Bike Tracks and displays trip information, such as distance, time and amount spent with the remaining battery Riding mode View a complete list of purchases made on App in chronological order, receipts and details of the payments. Purchase History Direct contact with the support team and malfunctioning notification. Customer Service Incentives, such as discounts or promotions, to recommend a friend to use the service. Referral Program Advance booking of the vehicle ensuring its availability when the user needs it. Booking

Drop Zone

drop the e-bike in an area close to the station if the racks are full;

Temporary Stop

Park the bike without ending the session;

Free Floating

End the session outside the drop zone with an extra fee.

For every micro-mobility need

The Vaimoo system is flexible and adaptable to different urban mobility scenarios.

Group Rides

Use of a single account to unlock multiple vehicles at the same time.


A complete subscriptions system to manage memberships with private and public entities.

Pricing Plans

Pay-per-minute, monthly subscription and pre-paid minutes.

Know Your User

The integration of a web analytics service in the mobile app enables to study the customers’ behavior and experience, measure the performance and improve the business.

Funnel Report

Understand how many users convert or abandon during the customer journey.

Event Tracking

Understand how users interact with the application

User Statics

Monitor your system with real time information like active users, revenues and trips statistics.

Native Integration With

Create Your Own App

The white label app offers the possibility to create solutions that can be easily integrated and customized according to your brand image.