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This is VAIMOO

The Complete
Micromobility Solution.
Flexible. Scalable. Sustainable.

Micro-mobility is critical for cities and transport networks to be resilient and to cover the last-mile travel experience in a passenger journey. Nowadays, several micro-mobility operators are serving local areas with dinstinct solutions by considering only partially the whole passenger journey: it often involves also different operators and many contexts of use.

By meeting this requirement, VAIMOO presents itself as the unique, comprehensive and innovative micro-mobility solution designed to offer sustainability, scalability and flexibility to operators while providing the best last-mile travel experience and usability to end users.



Returns that benefit business & environment

Every characteristic of VAIMOO (hardware & software) system has been designed focusing on Sustainability:

  • Low emission e-Bikes, manufactured adopting recycled materials while designed against vandalism and for guaranteeing safety and resistance, thus resulting in cost-saving operations. 
  • Consultancy and support on operation and business modelling, deployment and training on the job.  
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Naturally adaptable to your growth

VAIMOO’s structure is easily scalable in order to satisfy your business need to grow in the capillarity of services offered:

  • Composed by fast-deployable Modular Fleet Infrastructures. 
  • Deployable in both Docked and Free-Floating schemes, with e-bikes suitable for different morphologic areas. 
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Tailored on your varying experience

VAIMOO adapts to the context of use. The cooperation with partners can have a modular structure based on the Technologies & Services necessary for each situation; complete custom developments are also possible:

  • System designed as an open platform to be quickly integrated with your travel experience and existing fleets.
  • The integrate ticketing system combined with the rulebased Pricing engine allows the solution to react quickly to changing business needs. 
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Easier than you think, even faster

Ergonomically shaped and connected to the end-user App, VAIMOO e-bikes provide the easiest way to start a ride for everyone:

  • Fully mobileintegrated user registration performed in few seconds.
  • Virtual Drop Zones and promotions for specific behaviours, optimized infrastructure costs and vehicle relocation. 
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Integration step by step

VAIMOO strongly believes in multi and intermodal cooperation and cross-sector partnership. From public tenders to the integration of existing mobility systems, as well as to the creation of a project starting from scratch and taking it right through to the final stage, VAIMOO supports you in defining the service that meets your requirements.


Analysis of the Type of Service


Definition of the Operative Model


Design of a Pilot Project


Provision of a detailed Training


Operative Support during the implementation


Launch of Mass Deployment