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Some of the highlights from the co-hosted webinar in collaboration with Autonomy Paris on How Micromobility Service Providers can partner with Public Transport Operators (PTOs) to reduce private car commuting happened on May 24th.

Micromobility is changing the way people experience their commuting & travel in general and public transport authorities are increasingly working with private micromobility operators to increase multimodality and expand their shared transport offering.
So, starting from the fact that integration is the key, we & the Autonomy team asked ourselves how can different modes of travel be integrated into a seamless experience for the user, so that private car use can be reduced?

With this webinar this & other related topics have been discussed with 1st class experts in the industry:

Highlights from the webinar:

Watch the full webinar here:

The new White Paper “How Micromobility Service Providers can partner with PTOs to reduce private car commuting” introduced during the webinar is finally available for download!