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It is an Italian idea and all the parts of the final product, both hardware and software, are Italian too.
A Made-in-Italy product that is appreciated abroad, so much so that Vaimoo – at the moment – is only used outside Italy.
Vaimoo consists of an electric bike-sharing and a complete solution consisting of electric bikes, charging stations and an app for using the service.
The system is developed by Mermec, a leading provider of digital solutions for transport and mobility, a member of Angel Company, and it stands out for innovation: the use of technology allows an improved fleet distribution and maintenance through artificial intelligence algorithms, geo-location and real-time operating parameters from the field.
A formula of connected e-bike sharing designed to be adaptable to all micro-mobility scenarios and which exploits the potential of IoT (Internet of Things) technologies for an integration with other public transports such as metro, train or bus.
Abroad, we said. The success of Vaimoo can also be demonstrated by the cities which first chose the made-in-Italy system: Copenhagen (in 2018) and Rotterdam, two ‘green mobility capitals’. This year, the innovative solution has also been adopted in the United Kingdom, thanks to an agreement signed with the Swedish operator Voi Technology and, in the coming months, it could also be implemented in Bari, Italy.
Giuseppe Catapano’s interview with Matteo Pertosa, CEO of Vaimoo, on Quotidiano Nazionale.
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