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WEBINAR: What is the future of Commuting?

VAIMOO is glad to have presented its first #webinar hosted by Micromobility Industries on May 5th, 11:00 AM CET.

Commuting has changed.

Where once the number of modes for moving about the city was static—walking, biking, riding transit, taking a taxi, driving a car—in the last decade, the choices have exploded to include a variety of #MaaS services, such as ride-hail, bike-share, carpool, dockless scooters, and more.

Throw in a yearlong pandemic that has scrambled people’s travel habits on a global scale and what you get is a recipe for unprecedented fluidity in how people commute.

VAIMOO, Voi Technology, Go To, Free-Now and Micromobility Industries met for the first time to discuss together how cities and transportation providers can embrace #multimodal #commuting and create more livable, less car-dependent communities post-lockdown.

Discover How to go Multimodal with e-Bikes

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Our Speakers

Find out more about our Speakers at the conference and about the panel sessions

Giancarlo Oranges

General Manager, VAIMOO

Oliver Bruce

Panel Chairman, Micromobility Industries

Richard Corbett

U.K. General Manager, Voi Technology

Shirly Kalush

COO & CBDO, GoTo Global

David Koral

Director of New Mobility Partnerships, Free Now

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