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Rotterdam, December 2019 – VAIMOO, the Vehicle Sharing system created to revolution urban mobility of the future and designed by the IoT business unit of SITAEL arrives in Rotterdam.

After the important partnership signed with Copenhagen, thanks to which the innovative VAIMOO System will be integrated with the current e-bikes fleet of the Danish capital, and the provision of extra 2000 new-generation vehicles, SITAEL announces la signing of a new contract with the City of Rotterdam.

The contract includes the integration of VAIMOO vehicles with the already existent e-bikes fleets in Rotterdam. In particular, this partnership leads to a provision of 600 new-generation e-bikes entirely designed by SITAEL along with the VAIMOO management platform which will allow the management of vehicles, bookings, and in-app payments.

This is a particularly important partnership which shows the potential of a highly innovative system that works with IoT technologies in order to offer more efficient, flexible, accessible and integrated mobility services.

“The agreement signed in Rotterdam – declared Matteo Pertosa, CEO & Founder of VAIMOO – is a further and fundamental step towards our growth, which will see us involved in the development of integrated mobility systems to give added value to citizens. During 2019 we had evidence of the efficiency of electric micromobility solutions in covering the last mile.

Last mile mobility is fundamental for the growth of public transport and electric micromobility is a guarantee of capillarity, flexibility and is also affordable. This allows the process of intermodal transport and connects classic railways and road transport with a network of thousands of electric vehicles such as e-bikes, e-kickscooters and mopeds. Our solution aims at creating the way for a first-to-last-mile mobility experience that will also be flexible, integrated, safe, on demand, affordable and green.”

About Vaimoo

VAIMOO – Vehicles Artificial Intelligence MO(O)ved, the connected e-bike sharing solution empowering transportation leaders to achieve a sustainable, efficient, safe and comfortable mobility experience. Recently adopted by one of the largest European micro-mobility operators to extend its e-scooter sharing service in the UK, VAIMOO has also been implemented by the cycling capitals of Copenhagen and Rotterdam. Its innovative and flexible e-Bike Sharing system includes e-bike fleets, racks, a management platform integrable with third-party transports, and an engaging app for a multi-modality user’s journey.