Image Credits: VOI Technology

Cambridge, 21 January 2021 – Voi Technology, the Swedish micromobility company and European leader of electric scooter sharing, chooses VAIMOO smart e-bikes, developed by the Italian multinational MERMEC, to debut in the UK with its first electric bicycle sharing service.

The launch of the new VOI service, already active in more than 40 European cities with scooters sharing fleets, starts from the picturesque location of the Cambridgeshire with an operation that involves Cambridge, Kettering and the city of Peterborough.

In detail, the partnership between VOI and VAIMOO concerns the provision of smart e-bikes fleet, fully developed and manufactured by the Italian company and connected to VOI’s technological and management platform. This operation has enabled VOI to expand its current fleet of e-scooters with the state-of-art sharing e-bikes, easily and rapidly thanks to the open architecture of VAIMOO technology.

This is for VAIMOO an important partnership because demonstrates once again, after the Copenhagen and Rotterdam agreements and deployments, the strength of its highly innovative system able to exploit the full potential of IoT technology, to offer increasingly efficient, flexible, inclusive and integrated mobility services.

“We are very proud to partner with VOI – said Matteo Pertosa, VAIMOO Director at Mermec – This agreement gives us the opportunity to collaborate with a such important European micromobility player, a fundamental step in our growth strategy focused on the development of high value and integrated mobility systems for smart cities”.

About Vaimoo

VAIMOO, the connected e-bike sharing solution designed by Mermec, aims to empower transportation leaders to achieve a sustainable, efficient, safe and comfortable mobility experience. Adopted by the cycling capitals of Copenhagen and Rotterdam, its innovative and flexible e-Bike Sharing includes e-bike fleets, racks, a management platform integrable with third-party transports, and an engaging app for a multi-modality user’s journey.