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VAIMOO, Platinum Sponsor at MOVE 2021

VAIMOO will return to MOVE London as Platinum Sponsor of Micro Mobility & Ability in 2021!  MOVE 2021 is one of the most important mobility events in the world. It is where OEMs, transport operators, tech and energy companies, and policymakers gather every year to discover the new technologies brought into the marketplace.

During the two days, Vaimoo will present the innovation and potentiality of its flexible and multi-vehicle platform, which has been awarded with the prestigious CES 2021 Innovation Awards Honoree in the Vehicle Intelligence and Transportation category at the beginning of the year.

The transition to a smarter and more sustainable future theme will be addressed in the Keynote Presentation by our CEO, while VAIMOO will host also a roundtable by putting some of the most important companies in the sector on the same stage, thus providing a wide cross section of the micromobility field that has been changing considerably during last year.

Stay tuned for the details and, int he meantime, you can watch our speech at Micromobility World in the panel “Pathway to Profitability: How to Build a Sustainable Shared Business ”.

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