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VAIMOO, Gold Sponsor at Micromobility World 2021

VAIMOO will exhibit as Gold Sponsor at Micromobility World (Virtual Exhibition & Conference, Jan. 27-29, 2021), it is a first-of-its-kind digital event reflecting the unprecedented disruptions that have swept tech, cities, and mobility during 2020.

The current crisis, due to an international pandemic emergency, has reshaped our habits and how we move in our cities (and across countries too). In this context, micromobility has emerged as the safest, most sustainable way to get everyone moving again. “But – as you can read on the description of Micromobility event – challenges remain. Our transportation systems must be rebuilt to prioritize order over chaos, climate over pollution, small over large, and people over machines. As a surge of urban residents turn to lightweight electric vehicles to break free from lockdown, the social, cultural, and economic future of our cities now depend on micromobility. The stakes could scarcely be higher.”

This real-time transportation revolution will be addressed over three days of concise, focused programming, including:

  • 2500+ participants
  • 50+ speakers and experts
  • 25+ panels, keynotes, and VIP workshops

Recently awarded as Honoree at the prestigious CES 2021 Innovation Awards, VAIMOO will share its view on how micromobility leaders and operators should achieve profitability in the panel titled “Pathway to Profitability: How to Build a Sustainable Shared Business (General Admission)” scheduled for   · Stage.

Visit our virtual booth on January 27 – 29 for the first-ever virtual Micromobility World conference.

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Our Speaker

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Giancarlo Oranges

General Manger

Pathway to Profitability: How to Build a Sustainable Shared Business
(General Admission)

Leaders in the shared space of micromobility explore what it will take for
operators to achieve profitability.

Giancarlo Oranges (General Manager)Main Stage, Digital 
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