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How Micromobility Service Providers
can partner with PTOs
to reduce private car commuting

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Why should transport authorities and operators pay attention to micromobility integrated with public transit?

Up to +25% is what citizens are willing to pay for integrated micromobility and public transit services.

These data show the importance of micromobility as an opportunity for all transport operators, since it allows the expansion of a transit station’s reach from a half-mile to just 1.5 miles makes it accessible to nine times as many potential passengers.

Besides these data and a literature review on the topic, this paper also includes a detailed section on practical tips and tools for integrating micromobility services with PTO services in cities and three interviews with industry experts such as:

  • Maxim Romain, COO & Co-Founder of Dott
  • Cornelius Kiermasch, Head of Shared Mobility at Deutsche Bahn Connect GmbH
  • Marcel Moran, PhD & Mobility Expert at University of Berkeley 

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