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Going Multimodal
with e-Bikes

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This white paper is addressed to micro-mobility and public transport operators, but also at municipalities. The aim is to highlight how electric bike sharing can be a resource in the current post-pandemic urban transport, which has seen the demand for multimodality and interoperability increase and consolidate. This is an essential condition for enabling the growth of the user base and the long-term sustainability of micro-mobility systems.

Once having summarized the context and the evolutionary trends, the document focuses on the ability of an electric bike sharing to be the trait d’union between different needs for inclusiveness, such as addressing a wider age group of users, but also involving peripheral urban areas, thanks to the longer distances that these types of vehicles are able to cover guaranteeing social distancing and offering a healthy physical activity. Moreover, this work identifies practical suggestions for operators undertaking the multimodality with e-bikes in a sustainable perspective.

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