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The second edition of European Shared Mobility Index offers the Q2 snapshot of the micro-mobility in 16 European cities. This edition reports Matteo Pertosa's half year summary with an anticipation.

Matteo said: “We are very satisfied on how VAIMOO has been welcomed from the mobility operators. Presently, beside of establishing new partnerships, we are also collecting and processing in detail all the feedbacks coming from the field in order to improve both the vehicles and the system to enhance our customer and partners mobility offer. Moreover, in specific case we collaborate closely with our customers to serve new market opportunities.”

Matteo refers to the VAIMOO collaboration with GreenMo Rent, European market leader in Full Operational Lease of electric vehicles. GreenMo is present in 7 countries with 30.000 vehicles including electric scooters, electric cargo scooters, electric vans and electric bicycles for last mile delivery, focused on the most important brands in meal and postal delivery in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, France and UK.

GreenMo and VAIMOO are partnering for the provisioning of initial 1.000 of VAIMOO e-bikes that will become 4.000 during the following months. With GreenMo we have developed a specific e-bike configuration to have vehicles ready for the online food delivery companies and other markets to come.

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About Vaimoo

VAIMOO – Vehicles Artificial Intelligence MO(O)ved, the connected e-bike sharing solution empowering transportation leaders to achieve a sustainable, efficient, safe and comfortable mobility experience. Recently adopted by one of the largest European micro-mobility operators to extend its e-scooter sharing service in the UK, VAIMOO has also been implemented by the cycling capitals of Copenhagen and Rotterdam. Its innovative and flexible e-Bike Sharing system includes e-bike fleets, racks, a management platform integrable with third-party transports, and an engaging app for a multi-modality user’s journey.

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