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Smart Mobility Forum

March 24, 2021 – Matteo Pertosa, VAIMOO CEO and Founder, was invited to offer his valuable experience at the first of the four forums planned in 2021 by City-Vision, the project by Fiera di Padova and Blum and supported by ANCI (National Association of Italian municipalities) that gathers intelligent cities operators, municipalities, and governmental institutions.

Focused on Smart Mobility, this City Vision Forum hosted a programme of both sturt-ups and experts in connected, autonomous and new mobility. Matteo Pertosa introduced the panel with a keynote speech titled ‘Italian technology for smart mobility’ on the current state of micromobility implementation. He highlighted its beneficial effects on urban transport but also pointed out its current weaknesses and related problems, such as too many operators that are not integrated or communicating, or the concentration of sharing services in the very heart of big cities or in highly populated centres.

There are not first-class and second-class citizens, nor first-class and second-class cities. The goal is to provide the same accessibility to the service to a much larger user base, and this is the mission we are working on at VAIMOO. We are doing it by fine-tuning our e-bikes (both hardware and software are made in Italy) and by creating an inclusive system that will enhance the urban mobility experience of our citizens”.

Find out more by downloading VAIMOO White Paper, which highlights how electric bike-sharing can be a resource in the current post-pandemic urban transport.

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