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Rzeszów, June 24, 2021 – Polish micro-mobility operator Blinkee chooses VAIMOO smart e-bikes to debut its first shared e-bike service.

Blinkee, operating in 47 cities and 5 European countries with over 6,000 vehicles including moped, scooters and traditional bikes, launches its first e-bike sharing service with VAIMOO starting with a pilot project from the municipality of Rzeszów to be then extended to other Poland urban centers.

More in detail, the partnership between Blinkee and VAIMOO includes a first supply of smart e-bikes, fully developed and manufactured by the Italian company and equipped with connectivity technology that allows vehicles to be easily integrated with the management system of the Polish operator, which delivers in one APP fully electric mopeds, scooters and bicycles.

This operation will allow Blinkee to expand the current fleet of vehicles in full coherence with its strategy of delivering a multimodal offer, using the state-of-the-art e-bikes for sharing, already awarded at CES 2021 – Consumer Electronic Show, and perfectly integrable in a simple and fast way.

An important partnership that strengthens the international presence of VAIMOO and that, after the agreements and implementations in Copenhagen, Rotterdam and in the UK, confirms once again the validity of its highly innovative e-bikes and system, able to exploit the full potential of IoT technology to offer increasingly efficient, flexible, inclusive and integrated mobility services.

“We are very proud to cooperate with Blinkee – claimed Matteo Pertosa, founder and CEO of VAIMOO – this agreement gives us the opportunity to collaborate with an important European player in micro-mobility and represents another step in our growth strategy focused on the development of high-value mobility systems, integrated and tailored for smart cities”.

“Introducing a new generation of electric bikes to our offer is a realization of the concept of multimodal transportation for cities” – says Marcin Maliszewski, CEO of Blinkee. “In today’s world the most important values are health and time, and ecological bikes are the easiest and actually the only way to fight smog and traffic jams in metropolises” – he adds.

In this partnership, VAIMOO’s goals perfectly fit Blinkee’s strategy to create alternative transportation services that are safe, full accessible with low emissions and able to provide an innovative mobility experience.

Blinkee is a Polish brand, a European network of mopeds and electric scooters for minutes. The company’s vehicles can be used in Poland and abroad in Romania, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary. is developing through a franchise network and in cooperation with national operators. All IT and electronic solutions used in vehicles are 100% developed by the company’s founders. is the second company in the world to offer users multimodal solutions within a single application. The service has almost one million registered users in Europe.

Get to know our partner: Blinkee.

About Vaimoo

VAIMOO – Vehicles Artificial Intelligence MO(O)ved, the connected e-bike sharing solution empowering transportation leaders to achieve a sustainable, efficient, safe and comfortable mobility experience. Recently adopted by one of the largest European micro-mobility operators to extend its e-scooter sharing service in the UK, VAIMOO has also been implemented by the cycling capitals of Copenhagen and Rotterdam. Its innovative and flexible e-Bike Sharing system includes e-bike fleets, racks, a management platform integrable with third-party transports, and an engaging app for a multi-modality user’s journey.

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