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VAIMOO was Industry Partner at Autonomy Digital 2021, the international exhibition for Sustainable Mobility Solutions that took place last May 19-20 online.

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Apart from the virtual booth you can visit anytime for downloading brochures, white paper and join the live chat with our staff, VAIMOO offered a Live Demo of its e-bike sharing solution in a session titled “How to recognize the perfect e-bike for sharing and multimodal transport”, where our Sales Manager Gaetano Sciacovelli took participants on a ride through the main aspects that an e-bike shall have to be adopted in sharing solutions and to be easily integrated with existing public transports.

Replay the Digital Panel

Moreover, VAIMOO has hosted the panel “Meet SuperShareUsers first-last-mile multimodality needs, quickly: is it possible?” with some of the leading palyers of the mobility market. Integrated first-last-mile multimodality transport is the new need of potential SuperShareUsers. Who are they? Are cities and operators ready to meet their needs?

Our General Manager Giancarlo Oranges, together with Cornelius Kiermasch, Head of Shared Mobility @Deutsche Bahn Connect, Raymon Pouwels, Co-Founder & CEO @ GO Sharing and Cameron Rimington, Project Lead – European Shared Mobility Index @ Fluctuo were on the same stage for the first time and talked about how public transport and micromobility operators can work together to fill this gap.

Discover How to go Multimodal with e-Bikes

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Our Speakers

Find out more about our Speakers at the conference and about the panel sessions

Giancarlo Oranges

General Manager, VAIMOO

Gaetano Sciacovelli

Sales Manger, VAIMOO

Meet SuperShareUsers first-last-mile multimodality needs, quickly: is it possible?
Giancarlo Oranges

Cornelius Kiermasch

Raymon Pouwels

Cameron Rimington

Autonomy Industry Talk19/05/20 – 2:10-2:50 PM (CET)


How to recognize the perfect e-bike for sharing and multimodal transport
Gaetano Sciacovelli

Angela Caporale

Autonomy Demonstration Live20/05/21 – 12:10 – 12:30 PM (CET)
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