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Your e-bike sharing
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The turnkey solution for all your e-bike sharing needs: from the e-bikes fleet to the management software.

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Integrated and complementary modules fully customizable for flexible and comprehensive mobility solutions

Connected e-Bike & Rack

Docked, free-floating or hybrid solution.
Engineered for your growth.

Management Platform

Track & manage your e-bikes fleet to optimize your operations.

Always next to your Business

With mobility consulting, management software customization, e-Bikes design and manufacturing, we are beside you to help with an easy onboarding, fast deployment, direct and efficient communication, in order to rich the highest customer service level possible.

Robust e-bikes to enhance your growth

VAIMOO connected e-Bikes, manufactured adopting recycled materials, are designed against vandalism and for cost-saving operations. Fast-deployable in both Docked and Free-Floating schemes the vehicles are easy to integrate in existing fleets and systems.

Complete fleet management in one platform

A single platform to track and manage your fleet optimizing your operations, reducing costs and increasing the service quality. Fleet ordinary and extra maintenance activities are planned referring to the e-bike real usage conditions. Quickly integrable with your travel experience VAIMOO open platform embeds a fully integrated Ticketing system and a rule–based Pricing engine to react quickly to changing business needs.

Easier than you think, even faster

Ergonomically shaped and connected to the e-bike, the app provides a fully mobile–integrated user registration performed in few seconds. Virtual Drop Zones and promotions for specific behaviour complete a smooth and fast user experience.

The Experience behind

ANGEL is the Italian industrial group synonymous with scientific excellence in the world. It designs and develops high-tech solutions to railway, space, aviation, e-mobility, cyber-security and retail automation sectors for over 30 years.

The latest from the events

Keep updated about VAIMOO and meet our team at the following events

July 17, 2024

Bike Sharing launched in Verbania and province with VCO Trasporti

On Tuesday 16 July at 12 noon, the city's bike-sharing station in Largo Tonolli in Verbania was inaugurated, in the presence of the authorities and operators who will inform citizens…
April 8, 2024

New Bike Sharing system in Molfetta & Giovinazzo launched

After being chosen for the bike sharing systems of the major European cycling capitals, VAIMOO has finally come back home to contribute to the spread of sustainable mobility in its territory…
May 27, 2022

VAIMOO at MOVE London 2022
London, 15-16/06/2022

VAIMOO has come back at MOVE London 2022 as Platinum Sponsor for Micromobility on June 15th-16th 2022! MOVE is a specialised and focused event dedicated to mobility, where disruptive technology…

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VAIMOO supports you in defining the service that meets your requirements, starting from the creation of the project to its final stages.


Analysis of the Type of Service


Definition of the Operating Model


Design of a Pilot Project


Provision of a detailed Training


Operational support during the implementation


Launch of Mass Deployment