the new urban mobility. Together.

Changing is our way.
Digital transformation is your opportunity.

Excellence, Integrity and Solidarity are the core values in which we believe and that we share with our partners.

We believe micro-mobility is critical for transport networks to be resilient and to complete the provision of quality options for all travel modes and for all city residents.

With VAIMOO, the extensive experience in developing connected e-vehicle systems worldwide is combined with the innovation-driven culture.

We design and develop high-tech micro-mobility solutions together with our partners, to meet reliability and sustainability for municipalities and operators while providing the best end-user last-mile travel experience.

“We provide unique and innovative technology to engage users while helping operators and municipalities. Our mission is to bring to life new mobility patterns and sustainable transport opportunities in urban areas.”

Matteo PertosaCEO & Founder

Vaimoo by MerMec

VAIMOO is engineered by MERMEC, the multinational company of high-tech digital solutions for railway, rapid transits and public transportation for over 30 years. MERMEC technical know-how characterises its unique portfolio of advanced solutions used in 60 countries by the most important companies to improve their efficiency, to lower their operating costs, also throughout its new light transportation offering of multi-modal last-mile travel options, promoting the functioning of the transport sector as a fully integrated system.


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